Senior AI Scientist - Deep Learning in Computer Vision/Medical Imaging

  • Data Science
  • New York, United States

Senior AI Scientist - Deep Learning in Computer Vision/Medical Imaging

Job description

About the company

At Covera Health, we have proven that advanced data science can prevent serious misdiagnoses which result in poor outcomes for patients and increased costs for payers. Using our proprietary framework, we help patients recover better, faster, and more affordably. Today, we are working with some of the largest healthcare payers in the country to potentially impact millions of patient lives. We are passionate about improving healthcare for every patient.

About the role

We are looking for a talented Senior AI Scientist with a focus on Deep Learning and Computer Vision to join us in our commitment to improve the quality of care for patients in every community across the nation. For this role, the ideal candidate would have a PhD with a thesis and work in application of image analysis methodologies. 


You will work with a growing multidisciplinary team of talented data scientists, other statisticians, engineers, and researchers to leverage unique healthcare data (in the form of MRI images, clinical reports, claims data, and beyond) to: 1) create new and improved methods for assessing and predicting the quality of care delivered by healthcare providers and 2) determine the impact that care quality has on overall patient outcomes and cost. You will have the opportunity to work with extremely diverse and entirely unique medical image and healthcare datasets that extend to all phases of care delivery (referral, diagnosis, therapy, and outcome/follow-up) from the perspective of all key stakeholders (patients, providers, payers).


Your responsibilities will include helping to shape the company’s AI strategy in the area of medical image analysis, as well as to further create, extend, and validate the image analysis related deep learning models in use at Covera Health. You will also help to coordinate research activities with our clinical and academic collaborators and play a key role in sharing the results we achieve with the broader scientific community. You will be expected to:

  • Develop robust algorithms and techniques using image analytics, computer vision, and deep learning across a variety of large and diverse medical image datasets
  • Validate analysis and solutions using or enhancing existing methodologies, frameworks, and architecture to create, extend, and validate models for image normalization, segmentation, and classification
  • Design criteria and methods for evaluating the performance of image analysis algorithms / deep learning models on test and real clinical data
  • Research and recommend tools, algorithms, and solutions in line with our quality of care improvement strategy
  • Collaborate with our clinical partners and all internal and external teams to plan, process, and perform our clinical research roadmap
  • Contribute to the enhancement and extension of all our data analytics pipelines and environment
  • Collaborate with data science team members and other colleagues on research activities
  • Communicate the results of analysis and research projects to internal and external stakeholders
  • Lead and mentor junior members of the data science team
  • Help to shape Covera Health’s medical image analysis and broader data analytics strategy by identifying new opportunities



  • 5+ years of work experience as a Research / AI Scientist in image analysis or computer vision
  • PhD in computer science or related field from top academic program, including a thesis project focused on Machine Learning and Image Understanding
  • Strong background in deep learning and serious understanding of state-of-the-art DL / DRL techniques. Knowledge of Uncertainty modeling, Bayesian CNN, Gaussian Processes is a plus.
  • Hands-on coding skills and ability to quickly prototype in Python, C, and/or C++
  • Experience with libraries and tools like Tensor Flow, PyTorch, Theano, Keras, and CUDA
  • Contribution to research communities and/or journals, including NIPS, ICML, ACL, CVPR, etc.
  • Strong communicator with excellent interpersonal skills and can-do attitude to work and thrive in a fast-paced team environment 
  • Experience working with medical image data and/or GPU programming is a plus


You will be a full-time employee with competitive salary, stock options, and great benefits. These benefits include medical, dental, and vision, FSA, pre-tax commuter benefits, flexible paid time off, and a comfortable office space filled with a variety of quality snacks and beverages. Most importantly, you’ll get to know each of us and we love to work together to find solutions. We are a smart, fun, focused, and unique team of people who are truly passionate about changing healthcare for the better!